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IRONR® - ironing service software

Software for ironing businesses

IRONR® is management software developed exclusively for small ironing businesses offering ironing services software. Whether a small home-based sole trader or an incorporated business with premises, our ironing service software will help you run your business with increased efficiency.

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Platform Independent ironing service software

IRONR® was not created with one specific device in mind, but with them all in mind.

IRONR® was developed for the web and, therefore, is compatible with the most common web-enabled devices, including Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry and more.

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Data Security

We take our obligations under the Data Protection Act seriously and treat your data with the utmost confidence.

To protect your ironing business data, We use the latest data enryption technologies in addition to secure internet connection to ensure your ironing service data is encrypted during transport.

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ironing service software Features

The list of features is growing all the time, as we come up with innovative ways to make your job easier. IRONR's most popular features include:

  • invoice creation,
  • client management,
  • price structure management,
  • task allocation
  • performance reporting.
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